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Tabletop Spotlight: Outpost: Amazon

Welcome to Outpost 2, located deep in the heart of the Amazon. Congratulations! Being appointed to this Outpost means you are one of the finest minds in your field of study. While you are here, it is your team’s job to collect and report on the various exotic plants and creatures native to the area.

Unfortunately, you’ve arrived during troubled times…A recent report shows that the locals have been moving away from the riverbanks over the last few weeks, and night vision surveillance has captured photos that seem too strange to be true. Now, you must make your own way down the river to the coast, where a rescue ship is waiting. Along the way, you must investigate and verify these images.

Take your crew and head down the river, making sure to capture as many specimens as possible. But be careful: the locals have been leaving this area for a reason. The trip will be long, and you’ll need to make sure you balance your scientific curiosity against the need for safety. Good luck to you and your team. You’ll need it!

Summary Of Play

You and the rest of your team of scientists have been sent on an expedition into the heart of the Amazon jungle. As a team, you must ration your supplied wisely while dealing with the mysteries of the wilderness. Can your expedition make it through the unexplored wilderness?

During the game, you will assume the role of one of the unlucky scientists trapped in the Outpost. Your character card will show you two important things, your health points and your ability. Each character has their own unique ability which you can use to help your team survive. Using these abilities effectively is a key to winning the game! As you travel with your fellow scientists down the Amazon, you will occasionally face off against unbelievable creatures. These creatures are known as Threats.

Outside of Threats, you and your fellow scientists will also endure unexpected Events. Event cards can be either Good or Bad events. Regardless of where an Event is harmful or helpful, it will always require a resource to be paid; either Food or Water. 

Playing The Game

Outpost: Amazon is a cooperative game: all of the Players either win or lose the game as a team! In order to win, all of the Players must survive until you reach the end of the Expedition deck. If a single Player is knocked out, everyone loses! If you are already familiar with Outpost games, you will notice something new about this edition. Now Players can score points based on the number of creatures they can capture during the game!


The  game is played over a number of Rounds. In each Round, every player takes 1 Turn. Each Round, you choose the order that Players take their Turns. At the end of the Round, any Threats with End of Round abilities will act against the Players, increasing the danger to the outpost…

Designed by Daryl Andrews and Jon Gilmour, Outpost: Amazon is coming out in March 2018. Are you up for the challenge? #IsurvivedOutpostAmazon

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Outpost: Siberia Survival Guide/Rules Update Now Available!

You are all going to die.

Outpost: Siberia, by Daryl Andrews and Jon Gilmour, is the co-op survival card game that puts Players up as a team, to survive the harsh environment full of nightmarishly strange creatures, a massive storm and food shortages. This dual facing card game is incredibly difficult to beat. However, after many adventures into the isolated tundra, we have found a few tips that might help you succeed in beating back the cold and surviving the night!

Check out the Outpost: Siberia Survival Guide/Rules Update Here!