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Designer Diary: Rayguns and Rocketships

Over my career as a game designer, I’ve been privileged to help create many video games – including God of War, Warhammer 40K, Darksiders, and Pac-Man World – but while I designed the levels and game play for these amazing worlds, I never quite had the opportunity to create one of my own. I was


Meet the Planeteers #2 – Captain Jessie Nova star Things are heating up as Rayguns and Rocketships roars closer to our galaxy. I thought an introduction to the characters, technology and places you will encounter in the game was in order. This time we meet the Astro-Rangers’ brash and bold captain: Jessie Novastar! Sketch Inspiration 3D


Getting Lost in 100 Million B.C.

Getting Lost in 100 Million B.C. By Kevin Wilson Anyone who knows me personally understands that I’m just a big kid. I watch all kinds of cartoons, I play with Lego bricks and Slinkys when I’m stumped on something, and I’m a sucker for dinosaurs. That last thing is pretty much the main motivation behind


IDW Games Returns from GAMA!

GAMA was an absolute blast! For any of who don’t know what GAMA is, it’s a trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada for retailers to come and see previews of all the 2017 products that will be launching this year. The Dice Tower and BoardGameGeek were there doing interviews, etc… it was incredible. We got


TMNT: Shadows of the Past Board Game gets its First Expansion!

One radical playable hero add-on for the massively successful TMNT: Shadows of the Past Board game! April O’Neil, gutsy and independent ally of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is getting a premiere hero pack upgrade from Kevin Wilson, the same creator of the critical hit, TMNT: Shadows of the Past board game. Fans can continue