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Creators of Heroclix & Mice and Mystics Thumbs Up Rayguns and Rocketships!


“I was fortunate enough to play Rayguns and Rocketships at gencon. I’m going to back this one because I want to own it, not just because Scott Rogers is a friend.

This is a beer and pretzel game where players each play the role of a captain of a pulp era sci-fi rocket ship and its loyal crew. There are a couple of tactical elements you need to manage. First, you plot movement on the space grid using cards that determine where your ship flies and where it’s cannons are aimed, what kind of sneaky moves it will do.

But that’s not all. You also have your own ship board with figures representing your crew and your captain. You can move your dudes around on your own ship, manning various stations, or your dudes can jet pack out into space for laser gun space battles.

But that’s not all. Your space jet pack dudes can blast open an enemy ship’s airlock and now your dudes are on your opponent’s ship, moving around, fighting and jacking up their ship.

Anyway, if you like the pulp sci-fi swashbuckling theme, and classic comfort food gameplay, you should keep your eyes open for this.”

– Jerry Hawthorne, Designer of Mice and Mystics


“From the moment I fired up my jetpack and jumped between the stars to blast my way into a saucer full of bug-eyed aliens, I’ve been hooked on Rayguns & Rocketships. The action is quick and intense, with a huge cast of characters  and a mix of cards that has made every game result in different tactics and a new story I tell other players as I drag them to the table. I can’t wait until my next chance to blast off into the future!”

– Seth Johnson, lead Designer of Heroclix


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