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Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death Kickstarter is LIVE!

IDW Games is excited to present the social deduction board game, Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death on Kickstarter, featuring distinctive art fully illustrated by Gris Grimly. Game design by Adam Wyse and a Canadian Game Design Award Finalist, this game of deduction and movement programming places you as nobles at a party looking to gain popularity before the Red Death arrives.

The Deluxe Edition is only available through Kickstarter and includes exclusive art, packaging and miniatures. Each weekday will feature a reveal of a new guest and gameplay tips.

With art from Gris Grimly, this marks his first tabletop game, allowing his art to cover the cards, boards and game pieces all incorporating his unique style which captures the tone of this sinister story.

Masque of the Red Death is a deduction and movement programming game set in the grim world of the short story by the Edgar Allan Poe. Players are nobles attending an extravagant masked ball while a plague ravages the country. Players are trying to do what nobles do – feast, dance, celebrate –become as popular as they can. But rumors swirl as the night goes on, and everyone feels oddly nervous each time the clock chimes. The nobles might be wise to spend some time listening to these rumors. It is becoming increasingly clear as midnight approaches that something sinister awaits.

At midnight, a horrible figure in the guise of the Red Death appears at the masquerade! It stalks amongst the rooms of the abbey, killing the nobles it comes across. The most popular noble wins… but that only matters if you survive the night.

Your invitation is here! Follow along with this campaign as new guests are revealed, new art is displayed and live gameplay happens. Be a part of the beautiful and grim, Masque of the Red Death Kickstarter!