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Kill Shakespeare Board Game Enlists Two Murderously Talented Artists


news_splash-20131120Today, IDW Games announced it had signed J.K. Woodwardand Dave Dorman to be the art team for their launch title, Kill ShakespeareWoodward’s work has been a mainstay at IDW since 2005, where he helped relaunch Fallen Angel before moving on to various Star Trek series, including last-year’s best-selling Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Whomaxi-series. Dave Dorman is an Eisner Award-winning artist known for his extensive work in the fantasy genre, including Star WarsIndiana Jones, and much more.

The team that will bring IDW Games’ first title to life is announced

“We’ve long respected the art that both J.K. and Dave have produced over the years,” said IDWCEO Ted Adams, “and having them both be a part of the initial offering from our IDW Games division only gives our coming Kill Shakespeare game that much more individual style and excitement.”

Woodward has been brought on to create the art that will be featured on the playing cards for the game while Dorman will paint an original piece for the Kill Shakespeare box’s art. This debut title has a planned release date of June 2014.

“We’re excited to lead off the games division,” said Kill Shakespeare writer and co-creator Conor McCreary. “The lore we’ve created for Kill Shakespeare is incredibly deep and we think our fans will enjoy spending more time with the characters and world we’ve created for them.”

With a release date of next summer, the news is starting to heat up for IDW Games. Fans can go and subscribe to a newsletter that will keep them up to date on all the latest announcements and developments.