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Metal Gear Solid Production Update & Preorders

Getting a chance to create Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game has been a dream come true for the team at IDW Games and game designer Emerson Matsuuchi. Feedback from fans who played the game at Gen Con and PAX Australia has been loud and clear: we have something special on our hands with this game. However, as with any project that has so much promise and potential, and any brand that is so highly regarded, there is an immense amount of pressure to make sure we do it right. 

Game design and development is an iterative process, and involves feedback from play-testers, graphic designers, the factory that will be producing the game, and our licensing partners in North America and Japan. As development progresses changes come in that range from things that affect quality of life aspects, things like the size of the spaces on the map tiles, to redesigning and developing scenarios for better balance. 

Ultimately, the amount of time it took to implement these changes just grew longer than expected and our window to ship the game on time closed. At that point, we were confronted with two options: create a list of changes that we could complete quickly in order to minimize the delay, or really dig in and make sure everything got polished to the fullest extent possible. 

Knowing that this was a chance to find a silver lining and grant Emerson and the team the time to make the product they really wanted it to be, we decided to delay the game. We’re now planning on delivering the game in summer 2020. 

Pre-Order Status

With the updated estimated delivery time, we’ve decided to go ahead and re-open the preorders for the game. However, this time, we’re moving the pre-orders to BackerKit. One of the main reasons we’re making this switch is because using BackerKit as our new pre-order platform we’ll be able to fulfill orders as we would a Kickstarter campaign. This means we’ll be shipping products from China to our fulfillment partners in EU, Asia, Australia, USA and Canada, allowing us to get the product to most regions without VATs or customs. You can pre-order here.

New Stuff

As mentioned above, we know there are a lot of eager fans that want to see every part of Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game done right. So we’re also taking this time to add over 100 pages of comic book art to the campaign book to truly deliver on the epic Metal Gear Solid narrative.

Finally, we’re happy to reveal the final surprise of the Day One Edition, two playable cardboard box minis that will not be available in the standard retail version. In the standard version of the game, the cardboard box will be a token (not a mini) placed on the board.  Either way, you’ll get to wield all the power those boxes grant you in your very own hands.

We’ll be posting more news and updates about Metal Gear Solid the board game onto our twitter and Facebook pages as the game gets closer to completion and release. Please follow us there to stay informed of the game’s progress!


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