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Tabletop Spotlight – Sonic The Hedgehog: Crash Course

Sonic The Hedgehog: Crash Course is for 2 to 4 players as their race their characters on, and take part in creating, an ever-growing track, using items to advance their characters or disrupt their opponents. Players who move off the edge of the most-recently-played Track Tile add a new tile to the track before finishing their movement and free, or as Eggman, capture a Flicky Bird. They may also free or capture Flicky Birds through unique Character objectives. The first player to collect the required amount of Flicky Birds, then cross the finish line, which constantly moves to the edge of the most-recently-played Track Tile, wins the game!

Looking to get a head in the race to the finish? Here are some game play tips from the designer, Sean McDonald:

-Each character is designed to encourage players to learn the games various techniques, while also being themed to the character’s personality. Try different characters to grow in your skill of the game!

-To maximize your use of items, combo them together with other items. Boosting into a space with yet another boost, which could boost you in to a spring, launching over your opponent. Smartly chaining items together can put you from last place to first in as little as one move. Holding out on using your items until other players ahead of you place their items first could ultimately benefit you.

-You have a better chance of getting the item you want when you are further behind. Before moving take this in to consideration.

-Don’t forget Motobug items can remove Crabmeat items from the track if they’re in their path of fire.

-Keep in mind that once all track tiles are used the last tile on the track is then placed on the front of the course to continue the race, and so on, items and all. To prevent a player from potentially using these already placed items on that tile to their advantage, use the Bomb item to clear out all items on the last track tile before it’s added to the front of the track.

-Examine what track tiles are coming up next while strategically moving your character in position to set up short-cuts. Remember, short-cuts can be up to three tiles long, or as simple as two adjacent straight track tiles. Make good use of them when you can!

-When you’re further ahead of other players, the items you leave on the track or the short-cuts you create can also be used to their advantage. Try using Crabmeat to hinder their use of these. Remember, items can be used any time during your turn, even after your movement!

-Collect those Rings! Never underestimate the value of earning an Extra Life Token. Not only can it negate damage, allowing you to freely move on to a space with Spikes or a Buzz Bomber without damage, or absorb a hit from another player, it can also be used to spin the last track tile in play! This can completely change the outcome of the game keeping you in the race, or greatly aid in setting up a short-cut opportunity that wasn’t available before.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Crash Course will be available at GameStop this Fall! Pre-Order Now!