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Play IDW Games at FAN EXPO CANADA and PAX WEST this Weekend!

Will you be at FAN EXPO CANADA or PAX WEST this weekend? Our designers and friends will be running games and demos all weekend at these great gaming events. If you want to meet the designers who have created some of our upcoming games, check out their schedule below!


Designers Anthony Amato & Nicole Kline (Atari: Centipede) will be running demos in Room #208 with Tabletop Co-Op in the main Convention Center.


Daryl Andrews (Orphan Black: Clone Club), Erica Hayes-Bouyouris (Roar: King Of The Pride), Jon Gilmour (Outpost: Siberia), Jim Zub (Wayward), Jessey Wright & Sen-Foong Lim (Legend of Korra: Pro-bending arena) and joined by Caryl Tan and Mandi BG Pinup will be running games and demos in Room #718 in the Convention Center.

If you will be at these conventions, be sure to stop by their rooms to play some games and hang out with the designers!